Cilantro, swordfish and Alzheimer

Cilantro’s Latin name is Coriandrum. Coriander of course is dried seeds of Cilantro and both forms have been said to have chelation and hepatoprotective properties.  If one searches at PubMed database for Coriandrum and toxicity over 500 articles come back and even though most of these studies are in-vitro or animal studies the main conclusions that can be drawn is that there is enough evidence of using Cilantro as food or even as supplement not only to decrease body load of heavy metals but as importantly to have additional liver protective effects.   I have used Cilantro in combination with other nutrients such as Modified Citrus Pectin, Chlorella, and others.  One can review the following case reports with additional information available in references of our publications.
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Dr. Misha Kogan

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