What is AgeWise

AgeWise is the combination of thousands of years of natural selection of approaches that led to healthy aging in combination with modern, science driven discoveries such as cold and heat exposure, selected nutritional supplements, and others.  As I have formulated and started practicing AgeWise principles I have seen first hand improvement in my health and health of my friends and relatives.  Next I started advocating for AgeWise principles working with my patients and running AgeWise retreats where participants could learn practical approaches to healthy longevity.  As my experience grew as well as first hand results I realized that it is time to share these approaches with more people.

What are the AgeWise Principles ?

AgeWise principles are very practical approaches to living healthy life no matter what age you are at.  They are aimed at helping you make to 100+ healthy and vibrant, with energy to keep going, waking up every morning welcoming being in this beautiful world.  AgeWise principles are straightforward, clear, and all encompassing forming entire life style.  Most people who start practicing them will find that adjustment that needed to be made is relatively minor.  For example, it does not take all that much time and effort to end your morning or evening shower with cold water running over your body for 2-3min.

What are the AgeWise Principles not?

While these principles may prevent number of health care problems they are not designed to treat any disease. And even though you are welcome to set up formal medical consultation with me at one of my practices you should not use AgeWise approaches instead of your doctor or health care team.  AgeWise is also not about finding cure for mortality or calling aging a disease.  While we respect such positions and do believe that they are important to move science forward to give us jewels that can be used by all I disagree with such position in principle.  Although wholeheartedly agree that they way we define aging and see aging now is wrong.  Please see my blog about this and also I’m covering this topic in some detail in my upcoming book written together with Len Sherp and Andrew Weil called Optimal Aging.
Dr. Misha Kogan

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